10 August 2016

Hi guys! 

So I know I have been doing that annoying thing lately where people give vague clues about what they've been up to, or what's "in the works" that will will share as soon as they're able to.... and then it takes forever and you're just left wondering what their thing is. BUT I swear I will really will spill the beans soon.
In the mean time I can give you a few hints in the form of a life update. A vague, annoying one ;) 

We have been working really hard on cleaning out our house. Anything we don't need goes - and it is shocking how much stuff you have that when you put it away for a while you completely forget that you have it. We have so much of that stuff so we have been selling, selling, selling, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. We trying to get down to only what we use routinely. I'm a toss it kind of person but Blake is more sentimental. His box of 'keep it' stuff is much bigger than mine. Even clothes... If I haven't worn it yet this summer, it goes and if I didn't wear it last winter it goes. It feels good guys!
I just don't need Christmas glasses, as much fun as they are. 

Nexttttt...We bought an RV! I know that seems like an old people thing to do but we have been thinking about it for a really long time and finally pulled the trigger. It's so cool! And also, kind of dorky. It has the worlds ugliest interior upholstery.. think red and black racing stripes... but I can fix that with a little fabric. It was funny because Blake and I were sitting at the dealership getting a tour from an older gentleman who was teaching us everything we need to know and I mentioned that the fabric wasn't my style and he said "I think it's super cool!" I flipped into people pleaser mode and immediately changed my tune. 
"Oh yeah! I love it to!! Im just worried about the dogs ruining it because its so nice! Otherwise I wouldn't change a thing!"

I'm always a little disappointed in myself when I do that. But oh well - no harm I suppose. 

We also got paddle boards! We have been really wanting to be more active and get into a little bit of a different lifestyle than we have here in our small town. I like a lot of things about living here and being in such a small place. For one thing, I feel really safe here in our neighborhood, which is really worth a lot. On the other hand, we have to drive quite a while to get to things that we really like to do. So! We thought that we would force our own hands a little bit and get expensive toys that we will hate to see sitting around. Hopefully, we can get the dogs used to them fairly quickly and make it a family affair. We're definitely going to try because I already bought a doggy lifejacket and it's the cutest thing I have ever seen. I literally squealed when I saw Huckleberry in it. That boy just kills me with his fat head. 

In sewing news, I'm back at it! I found the motivation everyone! I have a lot that I'm working on now and I'm excited to show it all to you soon! Check Instagram for some sneak peeks this weekend!

Next in this loooong winded post is the Olympics! I am so sad that we don't have live tv anymore! I feel like I'm missing everything since all we have now is glitchy Apple TV. I'm trying to follow along a little bit but I'm mostly just reading snarky buzzfeed articles. I'm not sad about it though because their headlines are so funny - for instance "A high school student just won gold for Australia, what have you done with your life?"  There are also a ton of Michael Phelps memes that I enjoy.

Annd! I almost forgot! Follow Leslie Jones on Twitter @Lesdoggg
You won't be sorry. She's so enthusiastic about the olympics that team USA needed her there in person and paid for her trip! So cool! Those beach volleyball players won't know what hit them when she gets there tomorrow.

Okay, have a great week everyone! Come back Friday morning for a little lace up DIY! 

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