19 July 2016

First things first... I really underestimated the mania that is the #nsale.

I will get to the standard my #nsale picks in just a second but man oh man. I feel like it's some kind of blogger right of passage or something! Every blogger I follow on both Instagram and real blog world was doing round ups and dressing room diaries. I was super overwhelmed. Not to mention that I woke up at 7 the first morning of early access and saw that other girls were setting their alarms for midnight to start shopping.... does no one have jobs? or things to do? or just sleep to get? 
I must not have my priorities straight.

I really didn't know what to expect being a rookie and all, but I can say that I had no idea where to start once I got in. There are a few categories that I was really excited for - like activewear and shoes. We have a big trip coming up and there were some items that I was looking for specifically so I was trying to stay focused. But here's the thing! Guys! I got in at 9 am on the first day and SO many things were already sold out. It felt a little bit like Black Friday.  

So I guess the trick is to really hop on it - also save all of your money for three years to get everything you're going to want. I almost hate to say it but it's a really good sale. The more I comb through everything, the more of it I want. I should probably just cancel my account now but then I wouldn't get all of these goodies I'm about to show you! 

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