19 July 2016

First things first... I really underestimated the mania that is the #nsale.

I will get to the standard my #nsale picks in just a second but man oh man. I feel like it's some kind of blogger right of passage or something! Every blogger I follow on both Instagram and real blog world was doing round ups and dressing room diaries. I was super overwhelmed. Not to mention that I woke up at 7 the first morning of early access and saw that other girls were setting their alarms for midnight to start shopping.... does no one have jobs? or things to do? or just sleep to get? 
I must not have my priorities straight.

I really didn't know what to expect being a rookie and all, but I can say that I had no idea where to start once I got in. There are a few categories that I was really excited for - like activewear and shoes. We have a big trip coming up and there were some items that I was looking for specifically so I was trying to stay focused. But here's the thing! Guys! I got in at 9 am on the first day and SO many things were already sold out. It felt a little bit like Black Friday.  

So I guess the trick is to really hop on it - also save all of your money for three years to get everything you're going to want. I almost hate to say it but it's a really good sale. The more I comb through everything, the more of it I want. I should probably just cancel my account now but then I wouldn't get all of these goodies I'm about to show you! 

A Sweet Country Wedding

13 July 2016

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of attending my friend Holly's wedding near my home town. I had mentioned in an earlier blog post that I was working on some chalkboards, and this wedding is where they went to very good use. 

 I loved every part of their ceremony and reception. It's exactly what you have in mind when you think of a Pinterest perfect country wedding. It was the perfect balance of rustic and girly and Holly knocked the details out of the park. From the flowers, to the table setting and the vintage touches - it was stunning. I wish I had known about this venue when I planned my wedding! She was absolutely gorgeous and Carson looked almost as good ;) Their ceremony perfectly reflected their personalities and I loved seeing their close friends and family laugh and happy cry with them throughout. You could really feel how much they are loved by all of people around them.  

Holly and I grew up in the same small town in South East Colorado. We didn't know each other until after college but I think that one of my favorite parts of looking at these photos is seeing the beautiful parts of the plains that I always appreciated but haven't ever  been able to capture. I even love the simplicity of the photo of the dirt road leading to the ranch. It feels like home to me - as cheesy as that sounds.  Holly's photographer was Sarah Goff, who is incredibly talented! These are her photo's below and I hope you enjoy scrolling through as much as I do! Check out her website (linked here) for the full gallery and to let her know how much you love her work!

^ The most beautiful Bridal Suite. Every detail was gorgeous!
^ heart eyes <3
^ I thought the In laws and Outlaws welcome sign was such a fun idea. I loved doing this one and it might be my favorite! But just look at the table set up! So sweet!
^ This photo is just from my iPhone but I thought the S'More station was so cute I just had to show it to you in action! 
^ I wish I could have that drink chalkboard in my house. It turned out so cute and is officially in the running for my favorite :) 

These last photos are just gorgeous! I think they are so unique and so beautiful. I'm sure Holly and Carson will have a hard time choosing which to hang - and I'll just say that if my wedding photos turned out that beautifully I would cover my whole house in them. 

Thank you Holly for giving me a reason to get back into chalkboards and for inviting me to your wedding! It was a night to remember - that's for sure! 

Catching Up!

12 July 2016

Hi everyone! It's safe to say that I have really neglected this little space of mine, so thank you to those of you that continue to stop by anyway! I really appreciate you :) 

We have had a pretty busy few weeks and it feels like summer just flies by! We have been spending a lot of time planning the next steps for ourselves and I will definitely share more of that in the coming weeks - but we have some exciting things going on! As far as regular life goes - Huckleberry just can't stay healthy! I don't know how many of you are crazy dog ladies but when either of them are sick it just hurts my heart. Dogs are too sweet to ever be sick. 

With that being said, that little boy might not be so smart because he let a bug bite his nose at least 5 times. He had welts all over it and it slowly blew up to cartoon character size. After some Benedryl, 10 calls to the Emergency Vet (of course it happened on the weekend) and lots of couch snuggles he finally started doing better. The next day may have actually been worse though because I didn't know that constant vomiting was a delayed reaction to allergy... good to know! Since then Huckleberry has gotten sick two other times and Teddi has some kind of crazy rash... dogs are so easy.... 

Blake started a new schedule at work so he's now working 7 days on and 7 days off. Its great for him - I think he's loved almost every second of it but it's a little bit of a bummer for me. mostly because I really don't like going to work while he's still laying in bed and also because I don't get every weekend with him anymore. He was supposed to be my date for a wedding a few weekends ago (more on that tomorrow) but my mom was my date instead so it all worked out. 

I loved seeing everyone's snap chats and photos from the 4th of July! Especially the adorable pics of all of your patriotic babes. Babies in red, white and blue just kill me. So sweet!  We basically planned to just hang out and then ended up drinking way too many festive drinks by ourselves and dancing around our house. The next morning I took my hangover to work and Blake "felt great!" and got to stay home and play with puppies all day. 

So! Like I said before - thank you for following along and let me know what you think of the new blog format! 

Have a great week everyone! 

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