DIY Friday : Laser Cut Midi Skirt

17 June 2016

Happy Friday! I love a good midi skirt! They are so feminine and versatile. I have seen the most adorable skirts all over Instagram lately and when I saw this laser cut, scuba knit - it was like it was meant to be! We took these photos one morning when we went to Fort Collins to a farmers market and to walk around for a while. It was maybe a tad formal but I love this skirt and an off the shoulder tee... as you well know. These glasses are Karen Walker which I have been eyeing for over a year. I was a little afraid of how they would look on my face so I wasn't confident buying them - and then I heard about Ditto! Have you guys heard of this?? 

It's essentially a subscription service, which - i know, i know - everyone is sick of them but this one is different! You pay $25.00 a month and have unlimited access to their designer sunglasses collection. You can borrow one pair at a time and when you're ready to swap you just order the second pair and return the pair you have when the next ones arrive. It's free shipping both ways and it's amazing! You guys will love it. This isn't even sponsored :) I just really love this website! 

Anyway, back to the skirt. This skirt really is so simple and it very close to the pattern that I used to make this circle skirt but not as full. If you have enough fabric and prefer that shape on yourself then go ahead! Because its a laser cut you need a liner but other than that it's easy peasy.

* full directions and links below *
- - - - Materials - - - -
1.5 yards heavy weight knit fabric 
1 yard coordinating liner
matching thread

- - - - Instructions - - - -
Step 1. Measure your waist - now add .5 the length to get the correct width for the pleats. Measure how long you want your skirt. Cut accordingly. Do the same for your lining - I cut my liner about 6 inches shorter than my skirt because I was using laser cut fabric. Now cut your waistband pieces the length that your finished project will need to be - so the true measurement of your waist.   

Step 2. Hem your liner. Then match up the tops of your skirt and liner pieces - right side out. Using the above image as a guide - create your pleats. I folded in a half inch on both sides creating pleats that were two inches wide. This gave me 4 pleats on the front and back of my skirt. After pinning - iron and stitch across the very top to keep in place. 

Step 3. Stitch both of your skirt pieces together at the sides where your seams will be. Right sides together. On one side - stop six inches down to leave room for your zipper. If you aren't comfortable installing your zipper the way i do - you can leave this side completely open. 

Step 4. Lay out your waistband pieces and iron flat. Mark the center and stitch down the middle of your piece. This will keep your liner and fabric from separating during the next steps. Now fold along the stitch - fabric side out - and iron. Flip in inside out and fold the edges in toward the center - about half way up.  Keep in mind the overall width of your waistband. Now iron as you go. After the raw edges are in - re-iron the waistband with the right side out. 

Step 5. Pin your waistband to your skirt. Make sure the raw edge of the skirt is flush with the crease in the top of the waistband. Once pinned all the way around - stitch in place. 

Step 6. Insert zipper according to directions on package! Because my fabric was so thick and I used good scissors I did not hem my skirt. I like the way that it looks raw but you are certainly welcome to! 

Let me know if you guys have any questions! I would love to see yours if you make one - so tag me on Instagram or shoot me an email! 
You can shop similar skirts below as well as the one that was the inspiration for my skirt. I love the look of the laser cut but you just can't go wrong with a solid midi either! Happy sewing or happy shopping - either way I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


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