DIY Friday : Casual Jumper Tutorial

08 April 2016

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

What are every ones weekend plans? I have more nothing to do! Isn't that exciting!? I can't wait. 

So it's DIY Friday and you guys don't want to miss this one! Especially if you have a long torso and jumpers at the store never look quite right. That's the story with my bod and I always have to wiggle them up and wrangle myself into them - its not cute. I had this idea in my head for a few weeks but I was a little nervous to start it honestly. I felt like I really needed to understand the construction of it before starting and I haven't done a romper in over a year. We had a little charity fundraiser to go to and after scanning my closet I decided that I need to have it done in time to wear to the party. 

I started it 4 hours before we left and managed to get it done. I normally dilly dally and projects take me 4 times as long as they should - but I was very attached to the image in my head of my outfit that night so I figured it out. Blake was in shock - I normally sew for a few minutes... then walk around and get a snack, check Instagram, sew, zone out to the Real Housewives, sew, lay on the floor with the dogs, eat more and then finally actually make some progress.

Sorry for all the rambling today, I'm feeling chatty.  But back to the jumper! I absolutely love how it turned out. It's perfect for casual days and for getting a little dressed up. 

I hope you guys love it, and if you give it a try tag me in your photos! I love to see them!

2 yards stretchy knit - I chose a very light one.
matching thread
a button, snap or 6 inch zipper.

* Learning to sew pants was tricky for me and I did have a few fails before I figured it out.  My best advice for this pattern is to use your favorite pair of loose fitting sweat pants as a pattern. It helped me to really study (I know that sounds silly) the construction of them before drawing out my pattern.* 

Step 1. I used a tank with a high neckline to create the pattern for the top of my jumper and my favorite pair of sweat pants as a guide for the bottoms. Use the fold to create your two top pieces and the slack to create your 4 bottoms pieces.

Step 2. Sew your two front pieces together at the crotch. Sew your two back pieces together as well. Notice in the photo that the back is slightly longer in the middle... it's to make sure there is room for your butt - sorry I can't make that sound more professional.

Step 3. Right sides together - sew your pants as shown above in the diagram. Hem the bottom leaving enough room for the elastic. Leave a small hole to fit your elastic through and thread it through using a safety pin. Finish your hem when you're done.

Step 4. Sew together your top! You can hem your arm holes now or add sleeves if you would rather.

Step 5. This part is tricky. Keep your pants turned inside out and flip your top right side out. Put your top down into your pants. Line up your edges and pin. Now you're going to stitch two lines around the waistline (see diagram above) Leave enough room to thread your elastic through.

Step 6. In the back of your jumper cut about 4 inches down to allow room to install a zipper or a button. I put a snap in mine and I really like how it turned out. At this point I hemmed the neckline and fixed any problems or stray threads I saw.

I hope I didn't forget anything but now you're done! It is a more complicated project but don't be afraid of it!

Now that I have this all figured out I'll be making two more this weekend. I think I'll want to live in them this summer! I'm also trying my hand at ice dying... have you heard of this? I'll let you know how it goes!

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