DIY Friday : Off The Shoulder Top

29 April 2016

Happy Friday you guys! 
This weekend my family is coming into town and that means lots and lots of brew tours and beer. It also means pizza at my favorite Fort Collins spot - which is enough to make my whole year. 

This weeks tutorial is perfect for beginners! It's such a simple pattern and can really be done in 30 minutes or less. I have been seeing off the shoulder tops everywhere this season! It's a huge trend this year and I don't think it will go away any time soon. I wanted this top to be tighter so that I could pair it with jeans, short and skirts all summer. I love how it turned out and I hope you guys give it a try! 

| bag - old - similar here | jeans | sunnies
*read through for full tutorial* 


1 yard stretchy heavy weight knit
matching thread 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Step 1. Use a tank top or tee that fits close to your body for a guide. Trace along the neckline to where the arm hole starts as the diagram shows above. 

Step 2. Pin and sew the two bodice pieces right sides together, then flip right side out and iron so  that your seams are flat. 

Step 3. Pin and sew the arm pieces into a tube on the side that the arm hole is. Flip right side out and iron so that your seam is flat.  

Step 4. Match up your arm holes on both the bodice and the arm pieces and pin together then sew. 

Step 5. Hem the neckline and arm pieces, it should be a straight seem at this point. Hem the sleeves and bottom of the shirt. I used a zig zag stitch to keep the stretchyness.

Iron everything one more time and you're done!

I hope you guys like it! Its a great way to try out the trend if you aren't sure about it. You can do this project so cheaply and so quickly. If you do decide to try tag me in your photos! I would looove to see any recreations! 

Happy weekend! 

6 Bad Habits I Should Have Quit A Long Time Ago

27 April 2016

the other day i sat down at my friends desk for a good morning chat when i noticed that it was already 8:46. I had just gotten settled in and still had an empty coffee cup in my hand.. uh oh. honestly, i didn't think very much about it until a different co worker made a joke about how i 'was right on time'. i have a confession - i haven't gotten to work before 8:30 in at least 2 months - so she was right.   i started feeling a little self conscious about it and blurted out that i will make it to work every day by 8:05 for a month (wiggle room for traffic... just smart) and if i don't - i owe them all happy hour on me. 

wish me luck! 

and, since I'm trying to better myself i picked out a few of my other bad habits that i should try to break. my theory is that if i shake up everything at once maybe a few things will stick. so! here are 6 things that i should have stopped doing a long time ago - and i'm really going to try! its a 30 day bad habit cleanse!

wish me luck again!
  • skipping my bedtime skin routine - i have definitely gotten better about this but sometimes i still make the mistake of getting in bed before washing my face - assuming that i'm responsible enough to get up and do it afterwards. surprise! i'm not... 

  • scrolling through buzzfeed and instagram for two hours after going to bed - how many times do i have to read the buzzfeed article about 'getting better sleep by turning off your phone an hour before bed' while laying in bed, before i actually do it?  

  • snoozing the alarm for an hour after it goes off - every night i go to sleep with the intention of waking up at 6:30 so i can have a nice relaxing morning instead of a rushed one. instead i get up at 7:15 and rush to walk the dogs, throw on clothes, probably skip brushing my hair and then do my eye makeup in the car.. i know this is not safe. you can be a little mad at me, but i mostly do it at stop lights.

  • biting my nails - i have done it since i was really little but grown women don't have chewed up nails. plus it's gross. 

  • constantly listening to or watching something - i listen to podcasts all day at work and when there aren't anymore podcasts i switch to netflix.  i don't watch really, i just have it in one ear but it has gotten to the point where i don't ever just sit in silence. i need to re learn how to be without entertainment.

  • dilly dallying with laundry - i reallllllly hate laundry. i'll put it in the washer and be good about switching it to the dryer, but after that? its game over... i won't see that laundry again until blake moves it the next week to dry his laundry. 

i apologize if my bad habits are a little too boring, but they are what they are!

and... really though, i need you guys to wish me luck. that will be a pretty expensive happy hour. 

Soy Ginger Roasted Chickpeas

25 April 2016

happy, happy monday morning!

we had a really fun weekend watching our nephew! he is 9 months now and speed crawling all over town. i tell ya, i love having a baby around - but i was exhausted after 3 hours of constantly feeding him and then chasing him around the kitchen island. i was happy when he fell asleep but as soon as he did i wanted to wake him up and play with him some more.

since its monday i cant think of a good segue... oh well..

a few weeks ago blake started a new diet that forced us to try out some new recipes and one of them was this amazing soy ginger salmon. i love, love, loved it but blake thought it was a bit too gingery so in an effort not to make him suffer through it again - i had to find another way to eat it. i have been trying to shed some winter weight so i'm also trying to think of new ways to make snacks that are healthy but aren't lacking in flavor so i don't feel like i'm starving myself.

enter - soy ginger roasted chickpeas!

i love roasted chickpeas! they're the perfect little snack and turn out crunchy and so flavorful.
i packed a little baggie of them today and i barely made it to work without breaking into them.

i hope you like them!


2 tbs soy sauce
1 tbs sesame seed oil 
1.5 tbs rice wine vinegar 
1 tsp graded ginger 
1 can chickpeas - drained/rinsed


mix all of the ingredients into a bowl and wisk to combine - pour over chickpeas and stir together. 
cover the chickpeas and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes 
heat oven to *425* 
spread chickpeas onto baking sheet evenly and put in the oven for about 10 minutes. if they are starting to brown stir them up so most of them are flipped and put them back in for another 10 minutes. 

let them cool and enjoy! 

DIY FRIDAY : Ice Dyeing

22 April 2016

I have always wanted to make my own textiles and have seen some of the coolest tutorials on Pinterest and other blogs lately. I love the look of the tie dye on these Blue Planet dresses so I looked up a few techniques for marbled tie dye. I knew I didn't want the classic tie dye look and was hoping for something a little more faded. I really love how this fabric turned out so I thought I would let you know how it happened! More on the dress later :)


RIT Fabric Dye 
2 Yards Lightweight Knot Fabric
Dish drying rack
Tub (that the drying rack can fit inside)


1. Pre wash your fabric - then soak the fabric for 15 minutes in room temperature water. 

2. Ring the excess water out of the fabric and arrange it in the dish drying rack the way that you would like the dye lines to go. I did mine in an accordion type fold before setting it in. 

3. Set the rack on top of a tub or even in your bathtub if you are comfortable with some dye getting into it. (I used baking soda sprinkled into the tub to clean the dye out of it and it worked just fine)

4. Completely cover the fabric in ice cubes. The type of ice does matter matter as far as I know - but I used crushed ice and I liked the result. It's important that the ice covers all of the fabric to and all the way to the edges touching the drying rack. Pile it high! 

5. Sprinkle the RIT dye over the ice using a spoon. A little goes a long way!! I barely used a quarter of the dye powder on my fabric. Sprinkle all the way to the edges near the drying rack. Try not to get any directly on the fabric. 

6. Now for the hard part! You have to leave it alone for 24 hours! I will admit that I checked on it at about 16 hours and added more ice. The majority of the ice had melted but the bottom of the fabric was not saturated with color. You can do this if  you choose or the open white spots might be just what you wanted!

7. Rinse the fabric thoroughly in the sink or tub until the water runs clear. At this point my fabric still seemed way too dark and I was afraid I had done it wrong but nope! I put it in the washing machine in cold water with very light detergent. I hung it dry and it was perfect! 

I hope you like it! I'm going to do a light grey one next and I have some big ideas for the fabric.

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy Dyeing!

Ruffle Dress Reboot

20 April 2016

Hi guys!

This is going to be quick and snappy but I wanted to share this Ruffled Off The Shoulder dress sewing tutorial again because of how much interest I've had in it lately. It's going pin crazy and since its the season for things like this I thought you guys might enjoy little refresh. This is honestly the easiest project! It's so fun and perfect for summer.

Unfortunately, I had a little dryer snafu and this particular little lady shrunk a bit. Always pre-wash your fabrics guys.... rookie mistake. I cropped it into a top that I love just as much, so nothing lost I guess - but lesson learned!

So here it is!

_  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

^ I can't figure out why one of my legs looks so much darker than the other. Once you notice it you can't focus on anything else.

Materials - 1.5 yards fabric
Matching thread
1/2 inch elastic

Step 1. Lay out your fabric and iron keeping it folded.

Step 2. Unfold your fabric and cut along the fold. Hold one piece of the fabric up to your body and wrap it around yourself like you would a towel. Mark where you need to cut leaving about 5 inches of excess for the seam and elastic.

Now take the other piece of fabric and fold it in half - hot dog style - cut along that fold.

Step 3. Take the the larger piece of fabric that is measured to your body. Sew it into a tube - making sure you can step into it easily. Fold the top inch of the fabric down - iron it flat and the stitch along the bottom leaving a small space near the seam. Take your elastic and thread it through the little tunnel you just created. The easiest way to do this is using a safety pin.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 for the 'off the shoulder part' with the smaller piece. This piece should fit comfortably around your shoulders. Cut your elastic according to that measurement and thread through just like to you did before.

Step 5. Now you have two tubes with elastic tops! Slip the smaller one over the other and line up the seams. Stitch through both pieces of elastic and double back a few times to make sure its secure. Now do the same thing in the front of the dress in the center. Hem the ruffled top and the dress and you're done!

See! So easy, and so cute!

Have fun and Happy Weekend!

Links + Thoughts

18 April 2016

Happy Monday! 

We just got back from a long weekend trip to San Diego and my, my was it fun! 
We went down so that Blake could take care of some work things and to visit friends of ours that live there for a few days. I feel like living there would be like being on a permanent vacation. 
I think I ate the entire time - vacations to me are just spent eating, napping it off, and then talking about where you're going to eat next. 

If you follow me on Instagram you saw that we ate at a little Mexican Seafood place called Oscars
Oh my sweet heavens... 
I never want to eat anything else again! I will likely dream about it. We had it for breakfast, and for lunch and I would have gone back for dinner if I had been alone.  We were only there for 5 days and I think I could do a whole post on just the food but I'll stop now. 

Our friends took us out to a little island called Fiesta island for a bonfire which was so fun. I can't think of too many things I enjoy more that sitting on a beach, cooking over a campfire with your friends, and listening to stories. I don't think I would have wanted to come back at all if it weren't for my sweet puppies here at home. 
 We spent one day kayaking around the bay which I was nervous about but ended up loving. The kayak we were on had a huge sail and pontoons and felt like you were just gliding along smooth as ever. If we move closer to a lake I think I want one! The Ocean still freaks me out a little bit - did you guys see this video?? I would have lost my mind! It's so cool but so scary to me. 

It was such a fun trip and I'm really glad I tagged along! This time of year I always have such bad cabin fever/wanderlust - so this was a nice little break from regular life, especially since we came back to a big spring snow storm. 

_  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

On a mostly separate note I thought it would be fun to do another recent Wins and Fails update since it went over so well last time. It's always nice to know that other people are messing stuff up too. 

Fail! - Weaving - I do noooot have the patience I don't think. This is the perfect example of a project that I see and immediately assume it will take my five minutes to do. I was wrong and I have a half finished wall hanging sitting in the office. I should have just paid a small business for a beautiful one on Etsy and skipped all the trouble. I'll never learn. 

Fail - I was cleaning my room and found the crochet blanket that I started about three years ago. It's about 60% of the way done and I don't anticipate starting again anytime soon. I have probably put about 15 hours and too much money to calculate into it already. It makes me so mad that I do things like that! It would have been the perfect winter blanket for our bed. Good thing there is another winter coming around!

Win! Ice Dyeing! I loooove how the fabric turned out. I of course did not document the process well but I can tell you that its easy and wonderful and you should definitely try it! There is a little sneak peek of the dress I made from it in the photo above :)

Fail - All of the makeup I have bought recently has been wrong. I need to go to Sephora for a lesson. I will try to get a post together of all of the things I have gotten that are not working for me. Its so sad.

Win! I'll end on a good note and say that my ASOS cart has been getting mighty full and I held out hoping for a sale. Guess what!? I was patient and now there is $70  off of $250! YES! 

I hope you guys had awesome weekends - see you later this week!

DIY Friday : Casual Jumper Tutorial

08 April 2016

Friday, Friday, Friday! 

What are every ones weekend plans? I have more nothing to do! Isn't that exciting!? I can't wait. 

So it's DIY Friday and you guys don't want to miss this one! Especially if you have a long torso and jumpers at the store never look quite right. That's the story with my bod and I always have to wiggle them up and wrangle myself into them - its not cute. I had this idea in my head for a few weeks but I was a little nervous to start it honestly. I felt like I really needed to understand the construction of it before starting and I haven't done a romper in over a year. We had a little charity fundraiser to go to and after scanning my closet I decided that I need to have it done in time to wear to the party. 

I started it 4 hours before we left and managed to get it done. I normally dilly dally and projects take me 4 times as long as they should - but I was very attached to the image in my head of my outfit that night so I figured it out. Blake was in shock - I normally sew for a few minutes... then walk around and get a snack, check Instagram, sew, zone out to the Real Housewives, sew, lay on the floor with the dogs, eat more and then finally actually make some progress.

Sorry for all the rambling today, I'm feeling chatty.  But back to the jumper! I absolutely love how it turned out. It's perfect for casual days and for getting a little dressed up. 

I hope you guys love it, and if you give it a try tag me in your photos! I love to see them!

2 yards stretchy knit - I chose a very light one.
matching thread
a button, snap or 6 inch zipper.

* Learning to sew pants was tricky for me and I did have a few fails before I figured it out.  My best advice for this pattern is to use your favorite pair of loose fitting sweat pants as a pattern. It helped me to really study (I know that sounds silly) the construction of them before drawing out my pattern.* 

Step 1. I used a tank with a high neckline to create the pattern for the top of my jumper and my favorite pair of sweat pants as a guide for the bottoms. Use the fold to create your two top pieces and the slack to create your 4 bottoms pieces.

Step 2. Sew your two front pieces together at the crotch. Sew your two back pieces together as well. Notice in the photo that the back is slightly longer in the middle... it's to make sure there is room for your butt - sorry I can't make that sound more professional.

Step 3. Right sides together - sew your pants as shown above in the diagram. Hem the bottom leaving enough room for the elastic. Leave a small hole to fit your elastic through and thread it through using a safety pin. Finish your hem when you're done.

Step 4. Sew together your top! You can hem your arm holes now or add sleeves if you would rather.

Step 5. This part is tricky. Keep your pants turned inside out and flip your top right side out. Put your top down into your pants. Line up your edges and pin. Now you're going to stitch two lines around the waistline (see diagram above) Leave enough room to thread your elastic through.

Step 6. In the back of your jumper cut about 4 inches down to allow room to install a zipper or a button. I put a snap in mine and I really like how it turned out. At this point I hemmed the neckline and fixed any problems or stray threads I saw.

I hope I didn't forget anything but now you're done! It is a more complicated project but don't be afraid of it!

Now that I have this all figured out I'll be making two more this weekend. I think I'll want to live in them this summer! I'm also trying my hand at ice dying... have you heard of this? I'll let you know how it goes!

Building Your Wardrobe | Part Two

06 April 2016

It's time for building your wardrobe part 2! I know there are so many posts like this one all over the internet so I hope you don't think it's too long winded of me to split this up into so many different posts. Once I got into thinking about the important things to have as basics I got pretty caught up in it!

The nice things about today's is that you don't have to spend much money on these pieces because today's topic is tops!

Tops are hard because if you're always wearing the same 5 shirts people will notice... and you'll probably get really tired of looking at yourself in the mirror. Like any girl, I have about 900 million billion tops to choose from on any given day but when I look through them they aren't all everyday things. Some I will only wear to work - and others are only okay in Vegas.. I'm sort of kidding, but sequins really don't work everywhere.

 The tops I've chosen below are ones that I think are staples, and that you can easily make work when getting ready in hurry. Throw it on with your favorite jeans, dry shampoo your hair and you're good to go!

I have decided that I need a good slouchy tee, a striped tee, lightweight white sweater, chambray top and an easy flannel. Click the photos below for links!

What are your go to tops?? Do share! 

Weekend and Hummus

04 April 2016

Oh my, my, my... I am sad to see this weekend go. 

I was supposed to be in Nashville with my party pants on for my friends Bachelorette Party - It didn't work out for me to go but the next best thing was relaxing at home watching their snapchats - not hungover. I was really, really, really excited to wear my new leather leggings, but I suppose there will be other opportunities. 

I got a lot done since we didn't have plans and it ended up being a really productive weekend! 
It's almost nice when you expect to be super hungover for three days and then you're not.. its like a whole world of possibilities. 

I had a few pieces that I've made recently that I have been wanting to get pictures of, so we finally went out and did that. I get SO nervous when we're out doing photos that it's hard for me to focus long enough to get good ones. If anyone walks by I get fidgety or just turn around and walk away.....?? Even I don't understand it.

 Blake tries really hard not to get frustrated with me but I'm sure that I'm terribly annoying. It's just really awkward. I'm the kind of person that gets embarrassed easily for tv characters and has to leave the room or bury my face in the couch until the scene is over... so taking 100 photos in town square with people walking past is not so easy for me. 

'oh... don't mind me while I model for seemingly no reason in the middle of the street...'
That's how I feel. It's not like were in L.A. or New York where there is a fashion blogger every 20 feet. It's not so common to see a gal prancing around in a dress with a photographer tailing her in small town Colorado.

Every time we leave the house to go do it Blake gives me a pep talk and says things like 'no one will be looking at you and if they are, who cares?' or 'you'll never even see them again.' I try to remind myself of that but it doesn't really help. Like I said. I'm very annoying about it. 

I had so much anxiety about it, that afterward I stress ate bulk gummy worms from Sprouts and half a block of Brie cheese. Blake helped with the cheese but still, I need to calm down. 
Maybe one day I will get to the point where I can shamelessly take blog photos down town during a busy Saturday without having a nervous breakdown. I'll have to figure it out before Blake quits on me because it would be even worse with just me and a tripod. Can you imagine? I would probably set it up and take it down 20 times before just putting it back in the car and driving to an empty field. 

Speaking of Blake being my photographer - possibly against his will - did you guys see this video?? I thought it was so funny!
 'Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me... and a brick wall' 
It's so true. Poor Instagram husbands.
I think of that now every time I ask Blake to take a picture - and even more when he sees a cool wall and just reaches for my phone because he already knows I want one. It's nice and I'm also really sorry about it.. haha.

Besides all the sewing, and tv watching, and cleaning, was also a lot of eating! I found a really yummy hummus recipe this weekend and I thought I would share it with you! I would include a photo but no matter how you photograph it - hummus doesn't look good. Plus, it was so delicious I couldn't resist eating it long enough to even think about a picture. 

Spicy Black Bean Hummus 

1 can drained black beans 
half of 1 roasted red pepper
1 tsp red pepper flakes
2 tbs olive oil
onion powder
1 large clove of garlic 

Add everything into your food processor and give it a whirl! Blend until smooth or desired consistency. 

haha... so simple, but so good! I hope you try it and love it!

Ps. I ate it with the Simply Balanced Sea Salt Pita Chips from Target and they were also delicious!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and a very happy Monday! See you soon! 

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