26 February 2016

Friyayyyyy! I am so happy that the weekend is here. We have been pretty busy during the weekend lately but we don't have a single plan so we will be spending the weekend doing some spring cleaning and maybe a few cool new DIY's for around this little house of ours. This is off topic but I am obsessed with copper accents lately. If anyone wants to deliver a bunch of copper pipe to my house I won't as questions. I'll even make you something pretty. 

Anyway, this top! Talk about a simple and versatile one. I have worn it to work a few times (of course with a tank under) and out and I've loved it a little more each time. I think the light here makes this look a little more sheer than it does normally - or maybe that's just what I tell myself - but either way I love the texture of the shirt and how it really stands out.

You could of course make this top with a sheer fabric or something a little heavier. Whatever floats your boat! Scroll all the way to the bottom for the full tutorial!

1.5 Yards of lightweight fabric 
Matching thread 

Step 1. Use a loose fitting blouse that you own to trace out a pattern. You can do this first on pattern paper if you prefer. 

Step 2. Line up you front and back bodice pieces and run a zig zag stitch along the shoulders and down  the sides.

Step 3. Other people do this differently but i stitch along the underarm of the sleeve - creating the tube - before attaching it to the sleeve. 

Step 4. * You can skip this step* I created a slight puff sleeve for this top. I did that by making the shoulder part of my sleeve slightly longer and then running a basting stitch along the top of the sleeve as shown in the diagram. 

Step 5. Sew your sleeve onto the bodice. I do this by leaving the bodice inside out and inserting the sleeve (turned right side out) into the arm hole. Line up your seems and stitch the pieces together. 

Step 6. Hem all of your edges. With a lightweight sheer fabric it helps to fold the fabric under twice and iron before sewing. this will help to prevent any fraying or movement while stitching. 

There you have it! Feel free to ask me any questions! 

I can't wait to start sharing some warm weather looks! Its almost Spring!!

Happy Weekending!  

Recent Wins and Fails + Coupon Code

25 February 2016

I was listening to a Podcast recently and every episode they do a Win or a Fail for the week. It's funny to see the difference in the hosts personalities because one of them is consistently sharing a fail and the other almost always shares a win. Makes you think about how differently people perceive themselves... Anyhow! It got me thinking about my own Wins and Fails so I thought it would be kinda fun to share them with you guys!

WIN | My Easter Dress is coming along so wonderfully and I'm really excited about it! I cant wait to
show it to you guys! 

WIN | iMovie! I am by no means a master, but I was pretty proud of my most recent hair tutorial video. It's not high quality by any means but it's the most techy thing I've ever done and I loved it. I'm excited to see what else I can make! 

FAIL | Cauliflower crust pizza. Whhhhyyy is it so hard!?!?! I am convinced that it's impossible to get it right. Talk about a Pinterest fail... I got a bunch of wax paper stuck to it and served it anyway. Sorry Blake.. 

FAIL | Quitting sweets... we're doing a little clean eating challenge and I was really holding out until the other night when I gave in and ate two spoon fulls of cream cheese frosting. And then I gave Huckleberry a spoon full... so i'm taking everyone down with me. 

WIN | My resolution to work on my organizational skills is actually going pretty well! I have been using my planner consistently and, despite a few missed posts, I think things are looking up!

FAIL | Snapchat. I love watching them but I just cant seem to do my own. Yesterday I was on a run and stopped and watched these two bunnies jump around and play for at least two full minutes. I could have snapped it! What was I thinking? It was the cutest thing ever.  

FAIL | I tried the pearl wand from my NuMe Octowand set and ended up with a pony... it went terribly, but it was my first time trying that wand. I'll get better!

WIN | Getting the Octowand set. Despite my fail I couldn't love that set more. It's amazing! And speaking of NuMe, right now you can get ANY wand for $29.00 with the code OFFERS29.

What have your recent Wins and Fails been?? 


Hawaii Recap : Part 1

24 February 2016

How is everyones week going? I realized I never really shared many photos from the rest of our Hawaii trip! 

My sister-in-law stayed back last minute which was a huge bummer but we made the most of it and had a really good time! We don't really see our nephew as much as we would like to because everyone is so busy and we don't live too close, but he was definitely a highlight of this trip! He is 7 months and is so mobile and so fun now that I couldn't keep my hands off of him! 

For his privacy I'm not putting up too many pics but trust - he's so adorable that it hurts my heart. 
Almost every morning we would wake up and go for a hike and then head to the beach. Blake has family there so they pointed us in  the right direction for nice beaches that weren't too crowded. 
We also found a few really cute smoothie and juice shops that we hit almost every day. SO GOOD.

^After a three or so hour walk along the beach... it's so hard to stay awake when someone else is carrying you around :)
 ^The best green smoothie I have ever had. I would mail them here if I could. 
^ The house we rented is down there somewhere and so pretty! 

Part 2 later this week! I didn't want to overload you with pics :) 

Happy Wednesday!

Low Side Twist Tutorial with Video!

22 February 2016

Happy Monday! 
I am flying high this morning because I finally sat down and figured out how to use iMovie. We have had this computer long enough that I should have already known but, oh well. 

A while ago I did a hair post with my three go to work day hairstyles and I got some questions on the twist. This hairstyle could not be easier and is really perfect for days when your hair is kind of greasy or you have some bedhead. Like I said in the previous post it really does take less than 5 minutes and earns you a few compliments throughout the day! 

I think this style would also look super cute with a headband so give it a try! If you do, tag me in your instagram posts! I would love to see how you jazz it up! 

So here it is, my first iMovie hair tutorial, I hope you like! 
Have a great week everyone! 

Valentines Day and a Giveaway!

15 February 2016

How was everyone's Valentines Day?? Ours was pretty uneventful since we were getting back on Colorado time and trying to get ourselves together. I slept until 11 o'clock guys. It was great until last night when I couldn't fall asleep to save my life. 

Anyway! Even though we didn't do a whole lot this year I still really love Valentines Day. I always have! I think it's such a fun day and despite the "hallmarky-ness" of it, I think it's nice to have a day dedicated to how much you love people. Go ahead and call me a cheese ball.

Today is short and sweet but in honor of one of my favorite days I'm doing a chalkboard giveaway! Follow the link to this Instagram post - like and tag your Valentine for a chance to enter to win a custom chalkboard print! I will randomly choose a winner and announce tomorrow (2-16-2016) at noon.

Hello From Hawaii

09 February 2016

Hi guys!! I hope you all had an awesome weekend and aren't struggling too much from your post Super Bowl hangovers. Our day was derailed by a 5 hour delay, so we didn't get to see the game! I couldn't believe it, but someone on our flight asked the pilot not to tell us so it could still be a surprise.

 Truthfully, I wasn't that invested in the outcome (shocker, i know) but Blake was acting like a crazy person and wouldn't turn on him phone, or look at anyone or talk to anyone for fear of finding out before he got to watch it. My brother in law didn't cooperate though and immediately yelled "SUPER BOWL CHAMPS!!!" in the middle of baggage claim - Blake nearly had a mental breakdown. We aren't done hearing about it either... so hopefully he gets over that soon. We are in Hawaii after all!!
Today we got settled and took it easy. This time change isn't so significant that your jet lagged but does throw you off so we've been a little zombie like for the last few hours.  We have some fun plans over the next few days but so far I'm just happy to be at the beach with this handsome guy...
And this one isn't terrible company either... ;)
Have and awesome week everyone, and you can keep up with our fun Hawaii vacay on Instagram @BritCreates 

Beach Vacation Essentials

02 February 2016

Guess what guys? My dreams came true and it's a snow day! I've been really productive so it doesn't feel like a waste at all! Not that sitting on the couch bundled in a blanket while watching Real Housewives didn't cross my mind... 
I decided to get a jump on packing today since I had some time on my hands and thought I would share my favorite things to bring to the beach. 

An easy transitional swim suit - It's nice to have one that you can throw a dress over in the morning and go do touristy stuff without being uncomfortable. 

A wet brush & leave in conditioner - Makes getting the tangles out of your sandy, salt water hair so much easier. I don't like to wash it every time we leave the ocean and I like the look of beach hair.. however, tangles are just the worst. So I carry these in my beach bag and just let it air dry or braid it and I'm good to go!

Baby Lips Dr. Rescue - My lips always end up getting sunburned and this is the perfect chap stick for a little color and it makes them feel so much better.

Waterproof mascara - I look like a 13 year old without makeup on. I don't worry about most of it but I  do like to have at least some mascara on if were going to be going and doing more than just beach stuff. 

A sun hat - In case your beach hair doesn't turn out the way you were hoping it would. 

A croaky - You don't wanna lose those sunnies you just got do you?

Slip on sandals - This is obvious I know, but the last time we went to the beach I forgot them and was so sad at the whole time.

Did I forget anything? What do you guys bring on beach vacations?

A photo dump and some rambles

01 February 2016

Good Evening!

I am writing this while lying in bed hoping, hoping, hoping for a snow day tomorrow. We are in the middle of a blizzard but since I have a big girl job that doesn't really mean much. I don't think I'll ever  grow out of desperately wanting snow days. My mom has gotten two in a row because she works for a school district - and now I think I chose the wrong career path. Speaking of my mom, we spent the weekend hanging out with our families since we're leaving this weekend for Hawaii and won't see them for a while. That means we'll be ditching the slush and watching the Superbowl at a bar on the beach in swim suits! - at least thats how it is in my head.  The only thing that would make this trip better would be finding a way to sneak Teddi and Huckleberry into my luggage - I always miss them so much when we got on trips. 

In case you wanted a puppy update -I know you were really hoping for one- Teddi has developed a fear of her collar. So every time I put it on or take it off of her, she scrunches her nose really hard and tries to hide between my legs. She has never been attacked by a collar, so I don't get it. I think she needs therapy. Huckleberry gets really excited and tries to eat his collar -so he might also need therapy. I think that's all for dog talk today - I know you're sad.

There isn't too much going on around here lately.. I think because we are in that weird pre vacation funk. I do have some really great posts coming up in the next few weeks though. Get ready to be even more excited for summer, and hopefully, inspired to get out your sewing machine! 

I'm just going to keep with the theme of this post being a jumbled mess and leave you with some photos from my phone lately! I hope you all had an awesome weekend and are ready for an even better week! Enjoy!

^We ate here for my friends birthday and it's such a cool place. It's like an artisan market with a florist and a butcher and a cheese shop and a few little restaurants. If you're in Denver its worth going!
^ My sweet puppy is so snuggly in the morning that he makes it even harder to get out of my already too comfortable bed.
^My new Valentines Day Chalkboard that's in our kitchen. <3
^ There isn't much to say about this. He's a dream. 

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