3 hairstyles in under 5 minutes

27 January 2016

Every night before bed I think about the day and how the next one could be better. The answer every. single. night. is that I could get up earlier so I have time to do all the things that I'm supposed to - like pack my gym bag or grab something for lunch. Then I set my alarm for 5:45 and tell myself that tomorrow is the day! 
...Then tomorrow comes and I hit the snooze button 15 times before leaping out of bed in a panic at 7:30 with no chance of making it to work on time - or having a shirt on that isn't covered in dog hair. Thankfully my office isn't too strict about time - but being late is never a good feeling and it's  definitely not a good way to start the day. Unfortunately, I'm working on a lot of my other flaws right now and probably just need to find better ways to cope with this one... hence; 5 minute hair!

I used to just throw my hair in a pony or a wrinkled bun and call it good but over the last few years I have learned some tricks for easy, quick hairstyles that mask the lateness and trick your co workers into thinking you spent at least 30 minutes on it!

I have mentioned this before I'm sure, but I only wash my hair once a week, sometimes less. So I feel like the most important thing is to set yourself up for success when you have more time on the weekends. I choose Saturday or Sunday to wash my hair and use a good deep conditioner. Then, I pick it out and apply Argon Oil to the ends and let it air dry. I will usually curl it with my Nume wand into big loose curls and those last me at least 3 or 4 days. With a quick touch up here and there you don't even need fancy tricks - just pick it out in the morning and you're good to go. Later in the week my hair starts to get greasy though and I have to get little more creative.

I use baby powder to keep mine looking fresh but dry shampoos are always a great thing to have on hand! (My favorite is Not Your Mothers Clean Freak

The styles below take less than 5 minutes and might even earn you a compliment or two!
Starting at the front of your part - grab a one inch chunk of hair and start twisting back towards the back of your head, taking more into the twist as you go. Do this to both sides and secure them together with a small elastic. Take a small chunk of the smaller pony and wrap it around the elastic. Secure that with a bobby pin and hair spray.

Separate your hair into halves at the part. Twist the two sides until the meet in the middle. Hold them together and wiggle your finger horizontally through the twist until you have two new sections. Twist those down an inch and do the same thing again by holding them together and separating into two new sections. Do this until you get to the bottom and secure with a small elastic. Wrap a small pice of hair around the pony and pin in it place. -- In case there you don't understand a word of this - A video will be posted later this week!

This one is pretty self explanatory an incredibly simple but I don't think you can ever go wrong with a sleek high pony. Secure your hair back into a tight, high pony. Separate out a small chunk and do a simple three stand braid down to the bottom. Wrap this braid around the base of your pony and secure with a bobby pin. Bonus points if you have time to tease the base of your pony and hairspray :)

Have a very happy Wednesday guys, and I'll post an Instagram letting you know when I post the twist pony video!

Broncos and Current Wishlist

26 January 2016

Happy Monday everyone! We capped off our weekend with a Broncos WIN!! We're going to the Super Bowl! 
Blake and I were lucky enough to be invited to the game and I'm so glad we went. This was my second NFL game and the last two minutes were enough to give me heart palpitations. I'm not normally a huge football fan and typically dip out when Blake's watching the games but I tried to get into it a little more this season and I'm proud to say that I followed about 75%. Woo! I will say that when I saw American authors walk onto the field I thought they were One Direction and I was sad when it wasn't... no shame. 
The rest of this weekend wasn't terribly exciting but I did have a chance to watch too much Netflix and Hulu Plus. Since I have nothing much to report I thought I would catch you guys up on my current wishlist items! Super exciting I know... but it's a Monday so you can't expect too much. Also, I know they are mostly summer items but I'm headed to the beach in 10 days and then again in March so I have an excuse :)

First - I am really debating whether or not to  buy these Kate Somerville tanning towelettes. They are kind of expensive and there are cheaper options but I am too afraid of skin cancer to get a real tan and I'm not a fan of being streaky orange. I have heard good things about these but have yet to pull  the trigger. Have any of you used them? Or tanning towelettes in general?

These two super cute swim suits from Pacsun (here) and (here) and these two from Forever21 (here) and (here). You can't beat the prices, but I still don't need all 4 so I have decisions to make.

These really cute sandals from Revolve Clothing. They are half off right now!

I bought these Bamboo Charcoal Exfoliating Sponges once at TjMaxx out of curiosity and I love them! They make your face feel so soft and fresh. I wash my face with it every night before bed along with my favorite face wash and I feel like my skin never looked better.

This adorable French Press. We have a plain glass one right now  that we were using when we were camping a lot but this one would certainly be a pretty addition to my kitchen.

Lastly... I hate to say this but I think I need the new J Biebs CD. Every song on the album is good and that's just a fact.

What's on your wishlists these days?? I hope you all  have a fantastic week!!

Workout Gear for the New Year

12 January 2016

One of my goals or resolutions for 2016 was to finally get into a workout routine and stick to it. I like working out and always feel great afterward - the problem is the timing. I can't seem to make it happen before work and after work I have zero motivation, but I'm making a solid effort to change that. Blake started P90X last year when we moved away from a gym and his results have been amazing. He has always been a really hard worker and cares a lot about health and fitness but he says the these workouts really changed his body for the better.. sooo as much as I hate the hour long DVD's I'm going to do them! I have been running at lunch and then doing P90X after work and I really think I can keep it up. I also really like the Kayla Itsines workouts so I'm going to mix in some of those along with group classes at the gym.

Another thing that keeps me motivated is planning little rewards for myself. Every time I make it to a milestone that I set, I buy myself a little prize. (I'm like a kid, or a dog...) Workout clothes are one of my favorite things to buy and what better way to stay motivated than to buy cute clothes to show off all of your hard work in?

I rounded up a few of the things I've been wanting below! Forever 21 has such good sports bras and tops at low price point so they are perfect for "I worked out 5 days in a row" rewards! - Never mind that I ate at least 3 handfuls of conversation hearts today - we aren't talking about that....  

Anyway, do any of you do stuff like this? 

Snowshoeing and DSLR practice

11 January 2016

One of my goals this year was to learn how to use my DSLR camera that we got in the spring. I'm pretty intimidated by it right now but I have been reading up and playing with it a little bit lately. I got the camera out first thing Saturday morning while Blake was making breakfast and bugged him and both of the dogs trying to figure out the correct aperture. I feel like I understand that a little bit more but the shutter speed and ISO are still foreign to me. I also can't figure out why the photos came out grainy... oh well. I'll keep trying and I'll watch a hundred YouTube videos. I have 354 days left so I'll keep practicing and bugging Blake with all the pictures. If you any of you have tips for me I am all ears! Laura from Happily Ever Parker had a really helpful post on her blog this morning - I sent it to Blake so he could read it to ;)

^ Teddi is afraid of the camera so that is sort of why she looks like a ghost/squirrel.
^Blake's banana oatmeal pancakes. They are sooooo gooood, I would eat them every day.

Once the pancakes hit the table I lost interest in the camera for a while but like I said, I'm determined. I also did allllll of my laundry, which is a big deal because I'm the worst at that kind of thing. 

Sunday I went snowshoeing for the first time! It was so much fun and I really want to buy my own pair and start snowshoeing on the golf course. I went with two of my best friends that I lived with in college and I really miss seeing them. We aren't the most outdoorsy bunch - so it wasn't a normal thing for us to do but we all loved it. We were a little clumsy and we couldn't find the lake that we were supposedly very close to - I led us the wrong way at one point and we ended up on a really high hill and in a wind tunnel. It was pretty though! 

A blue bird day with two of my favorite people! 

Have the best week everybody! 

DIY FRIDAY : Pink Faux Fur Vest

08 January 2016

Hi guys!

I'm really excited to show you the first DIY post of 2016! My hopes are that you'll see 52 of these this  year! I may have said that last year but let's forget about that. 

Anyway, I walked past this fabric at least 10 times at JoAnn's before finally pulling the trigger. Faux fur can be pretty expensive and I couldn't make myself buy it without the best coupon and knowing exactly what I wanted to do with it. I haven't ever been brave enough to try the furry vest trend but what better way to get into it than to make myself the perfect one! 

This project cost me less than $15 and took only 30 minutes to complete!

^fun fact - the house behind me overlooks the golf course and spins! It has windows all the way around and they can push a button and rotate their house. crazyyy

Step 1: Use a loose fitting shirt to map out the length and width of your vest pieces. Cut out all of your pieces making sure that your arm holes are all the same size.

Step 2 : Use a zig zag stitch to sew your vest together at the shoulders and sides - right sides together. Sew (Still using the zig zag stitch around all of your raw edges.

You're done!

Be sure to tag me in any photos if you try this one guys! If you aren't feeling the sewing - I linked some great alternatives below :)
Have a wonderful weekend!

First Monday & Thoughts for the New Year

04 January 2016

How was everyone's New Years!? Our's was actually pretty quiet but we definitely struggled through hangovers the next day like everyone else. We spent most of the weekend eating terribly, so today when I got to the office I told myself I would use my food tracking app and head to the gym at lunch. Unfortunately I was bamboozled by wayyyy too much work for the first Monday of the year. 
To reward us for our hard work they catered in the Qdoba taco bar - so basically my kryptonite. Lets say that day 1 my healthy lifestyle changes actually starts tomorrow.. Okay? 

Since I'm already talking about it - Buzzfeed started a new clean eating challenge! The meals are definitely time consuming but we really loved it last time. We are still eating the roasted radishes, carrots and leeks all the time. You can read about the last challenge here, and follow the new one here! The instagrams are pretty motivating too, they look delicious!

I have a little extra boost of "fitspiration" because we go to Hawaii next month and I have a few really cute DIY outfits to show off while I'm there! Not to mention all the time on the beach. I really really cant wait and am trying to resist the urge to buy a few more swim suits. I have been so tempted to buy a cute one piece. They have gotten infinitely cuter over the past few years. Am I right??

I have gotten some of my new DIY ideas from Halley Elefante (@the_salty_blonde) and Revolve (@revolveclothing) lately and am super excited to show you guys! Seriously if you need some beach envy you should check them out. You'll be booking a flight to Oahu in no time!
 It feels good to start on some summer projects even with all of this snow on the ground! Winter getaways are the best. Last February we went to Mexico this time of year and it was the perfect little break from the cold. 
Anyway, is there anything you guys would like to see so you can start planning some summer DIY's?  One of my goals is to be a little bit more bold this year with my projects. 

So, with all those rambles.. Cheers to 2016!! 
And cheers to beaches and tan lines and salty ocean hair;) I'm coming for you!

^^ babies  :) 

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