DIY FRIDAY : Ruffled Off The Shoulder Dress

31 July 2015

Heyyyy everybody!

This dress caused quite a stir in our house! I saw a similar dress on Instagram a few weeks ago and went to JoAnn's almost immediately to get fabric for it. When I got home and showed Blake the original, all I got was a shrug.
I don't think I realized the level of trickery involved when asking your husbands opinion on your clothes. I guess t-shirt style dresses aren't his favorite, and while we're at it - neither are boyfriend jeans or booties. The things you learn!

My heart was already set on it though and once I buy fabric for a specific project it's hard for me to find something else to do with it. It's better for our bank account too if I don't go into fabric stores blind.
Anyway, despite Blake's distaste for box-like dresses - I love how this came out!

We went to the lake near my office to walk the dogs and let them swim while we took these pictures. Huckleberry has been a big scaredy cat when it comes to the water until now! He was so cute splashing around and they were both so happy and worn out by the time we left. I love that picture of him chasing her onto the deck. He looks like a crazy person. 

This is the easiest dress you could possibly make. If you're a first timer, this is your project!
Really, give it a try. I promise you'll love it!

I liked this light blue color and the fabric is so soft but I think this would be so pretty with mixed prints. A smaller one for the top and a larger for the bottom? What do you think?

Here we go!

^ I can't figure out why one of my legs looks so much darker than the other. Once you notice it you can't focus on anything else.

Materials - 1.5 yards fabric
Matching thread
1/2 inch elastic

Step 1. Lay out your fabric and iron keeping it folded.

Step 2. Unfold your fabric and cut along the fold. Hold one piece of the fabric up to your body and wrap it around yourself like you would a towel. Mark where you need to cut leaving about 5 inches of excess for the seam and elastic.
Now take the other piece of fabric and fold it in half - hot dog style - cut along that fold.

Step 3. Take the the larger piece of fabric that is measured to your body. Sew it into a tube - making sure you can step into it easily. Fold the top inch of the fabric down - iron it flat and the stitch along the bottom leaving a small space near the seam. Take your elastic and thread it through the little tunnel you just created. The easiest way to do this is using a safety pin.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 for the 'off the shoulder part' with the smaller piece. This piece should fit comfortably around your shoulders. Cut your elastic according to that measurement and thread through just like to you did before.

Step 5. Now you have two tubes with elastic tops! Slip the smaller one over the other and line up the seams. Stitch through both pieces of elastic and double back a few times to make sure its secure. Now do the same thing in the front of the dress in the center. Hem the ruffled top and the dress and you're done!

See! So easy, and so cute!

Have fun and Happy Weekend!


  1. Absolutely love this dress! Thank you for inspiration!

    1. Thank you! It's still one of my favorites this summer:)


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