DIY FRIDAY : Ruffled Off The Shoulder Dress

31 July 2015

Heyyyy everybody!

This dress caused quite a stir in our house! I saw a similar dress on Instagram a few weeks ago and went to JoAnn's almost immediately to get fabric for it. When I got home and showed Blake the original, all I got was a shrug.
I don't think I realized the level of trickery involved when asking your husbands opinion on your clothes. I guess t-shirt style dresses aren't his favorite, and while we're at it - neither are boyfriend jeans or booties. The things you learn!

My heart was already set on it though and once I buy fabric for a specific project it's hard for me to find something else to do with it. It's better for our bank account too if I don't go into fabric stores blind.
Anyway, despite Blake's distaste for box-like dresses - I love how this came out!

We went to the lake near my office to walk the dogs and let them swim while we took these pictures. Huckleberry has been a big scaredy cat when it comes to the water until now! He was so cute splashing around and they were both so happy and worn out by the time we left. I love that picture of him chasing her onto the deck. He looks like a crazy person. 

This is the easiest dress you could possibly make. If you're a first timer, this is your project!
Really, give it a try. I promise you'll love it!

I liked this light blue color and the fabric is so soft but I think this would be so pretty with mixed prints. A smaller one for the top and a larger for the bottom? What do you think?

Here we go!

^ I can't figure out why one of my legs looks so much darker than the other. Once you notice it you can't focus on anything else.

Materials - 1.5 yards fabric
Matching thread
1/2 inch elastic

Step 1. Lay out your fabric and iron keeping it folded.

Step 2. Unfold your fabric and cut along the fold. Hold one piece of the fabric up to your body and wrap it around yourself like you would a towel. Mark where you need to cut leaving about 5 inches of excess for the seam and elastic.
Now take the other piece of fabric and fold it in half - hot dog style - cut along that fold.

Step 3. Take the the larger piece of fabric that is measured to your body. Sew it into a tube - making sure you can step into it easily. Fold the top inch of the fabric down - iron it flat and the stitch along the bottom leaving a small space near the seam. Take your elastic and thread it through the little tunnel you just created. The easiest way to do this is using a safety pin.

Step 4. Repeat step 3 for the 'off the shoulder part' with the smaller piece. This piece should fit comfortably around your shoulders. Cut your elastic according to that measurement and thread through just like to you did before.

Step 5. Now you have two tubes with elastic tops! Slip the smaller one over the other and line up the seams. Stitch through both pieces of elastic and double back a few times to make sure its secure. Now do the same thing in the front of the dress in the center. Hem the ruffled top and the dress and you're done!

See! So easy, and so cute!

Have fun and Happy Weekend!

Another Weekend Recap

27 July 2015

Time is flying! I can't believe that it's nearly August. It's blowing my mind. 

Today I was walking the dogs and heard myself say to my neighbor that I couldn't wait for snow... ummm what? Who am I? To my credit, it was 97 degrees and I'm not built for anything above 80, so I was losing my marbles a little bit. We only spoke for about 30 seconds but Huckleberry just couldn't take it and laid down in the middle of the street. He is truly the laziest puppy in the world - and Teddi has started resisting walking up hills, which is maybe reflective of my feelings towards hills. We're having trouble around here.

I have always wanted to pick up and move to Georgia, but judging by how I handle the heat in Colorado I don't think I'd make it. 

This weekend I was determined to declutter my closet and bathroom - I know this is riveting! I'm not generally the cleanest person, so you know that when it gets to this point that it's pretty bad. I have clothes in my drawers that I haven't even caught a glimpse of since we moved into our apartment 3 years ago. I ended up with three bags of clothes and a bag of shoes for Goodwill, I feel like I should reward myself by going shopping! - However, I bragged to Blake all weekend about how good of a job I did (like a 5 year old) so I'm pretty sure that cancelled out some of my points-

The kitchen is next, but I used up a lot of my cleaning energy this weekend so we'll see what happens. There is only so much to go around. I just don't understand how some peoples homes are so perfect all the time. I don't even have kids and I can't keep it together. 

One thing I can do though is make these adorable desserts! Wasn't that a nice transition? 

I asked Blake to run into Target and get a dessert for us to bring to a bbq and when I ran into him he had cake mix and frosting in his hands and that just sounded like too much work. So I typed 'easy summer dessert' into Pinterest and this recipe  from Inspired By Familia came up. So much easier than cake and everyone thinks you're super creative! 

How was everyone else's weekend?

I'm already looking forward to the next one! Happy Monday!

Sewing Room Inspiration

21 July 2015

The other day I came home from work with a sticky note full of scribbles and ideas for our office/sewing room. It's such a blank slate and I have been trying really hard to get ideas together so that we can make it into a space that we both really love being in.

Blake really likes chunky, rustic furniture and I like more sleek, bohemian style. I am going to start really working on the room over the next few weeks and I'm so excited!

Here's what I'm thinking! Right now the room is a beige color and I think I need to paint it a light grey.. Blake is against painting because we probably won't be in this house for too long but I think I can make it happen anyway. I love all the greenery and the mirrors open up the room so much! If any of you know where to find a colorful rug that doesn't cost 9 arms and 22 legs let me know.

There is so much potential for some really fun DIY projects! I love that floral and leather chair and if I could find a frame similar to it I would make my own but chances are slim and it's way way wayyyy too expensive but it's beautiful.

~ Here's where you can find the originals and check out my Pinterest board for more ~

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10


Happy, happy Tuesday :) 

Weekend Recap

20 July 2015

The day we have all been waiting for came this weekend! 
Blake and I officially have a nephew!

That means we are officially the coolest Aunt and Uncle that have ever lived - at least we will be when we aren't afraid of breaking him anymore. He's very, very tiny and so adorable which is no surprise since he has such attractive parents. 

Welcome to the world little boy! We can't wait to see who you become!

We also went to the Darius Rucker concert this weekend and it was so fun! Of course I didn't take any pictures but I did get one very drunk video of myself singing 'Only Wanna Be With You' which you definitely don't want to hear, and danced like a crazy person with my best friends to 'Wagon Wheel'. Blake and I bailed before the after party, because we're lame, and instead went home and ate a whole box of taquitos! 

Just in case that wasn't enough excitement for you here are some random things I have been thinking about.. 

Since our Uber ride this weekend I want a Prius. I don't know why I like them so much but I chattered about them all the whole ride. I love them.

I really want to go on a vacation. Bora Bora, Greece, Australia, Wichita - Take me anywhere!

My sister-in-law sent me a picture of a puppy thats up for adoption and she looks exactly like Teddi and Huckleberry as puppies! If I could sneak her in past Blake I would. 

I'm learning to weave these cool little tapestries and they're so fun! I need so many more yarn colors.

I'm getting started on my new office/sewing room so I will finally have a perfect place to work! I can't wait to show you guys what I'm thinking! - Also... what do you guys think about me painting a room while Blake's out of town? Yes? No? Not okay? - I'm sort of kidding... maybe.  

Anyway! Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week flies by as fast as the weekend did. 

Bucket List

13 July 2015

I'm a big giant chicken. 
I don't really know when it happened either.. I was never a dare devil or anything but I used to like to go fast and didn't really mind falling or crashing into stuff. I broke a lot of bones and would ride my dirt bike for hours and hours.
Maybe it's just getting older or maybe I'm just a baby but I am not a thrill seeker at all these days. 

My bucket list has never included skydiving or bungee jumping or swimming with sharks - I wouldn't even get in with dolphins. In fact the only time I ever went snorkeling I saw a huge sea turtle and got so scared that I raced back to shore and wouldn't get back in. The worst part was that I was the one who got everyone out of bed at 6am on vacation so that we could get there before all the other tourists... sooorrrryyyy. 

Unfortunately, I'm also a people pleaser - so despite my fear of almost everything, I find myself enthusiastically agreeing to do things that I really don't want to do. 

That my friends is how I found myself jumping out of a plane a few weeks ago! Blake's best friend was over and just before we all said goodnight he said 'Blake, we should go skydiving' and I said 'Yeah! YOU should go!' (emphasis on you..) Then they said, 'you should come too!'

In typical Britney fashion I just said 'Okay!' and then went to brush my teeth and figure out how I was going to get out of it. No such luck - so I spent the morning of half dreading it, half wondering how I got myself into it. 

We signed about 20,000 pieces of paper agreeing not to sue them if we died, and I was thinking about how I really need to be more on top of paperwork because I still hadn't sent in our marriage license. You really start to think about how much you need to get it together when you're facing death (I know that's incredibly dramatic but I was super scared). 

I was doing okay until we got on the plane. I realized that we had received no direction what so ever and this guy that I just met 5 seconds ago was going to be pushing me out of an airplane in 10 minutes. Shouldn't we have watched an instructional video or something??

 For some reason I just started braiding my hair... maybe it was nerves but it seemed dangerous to have my hair in a pony. What if my hair flew in his face and he got distracted and couldn't see and didn't pull the shoot fast enough and we died??? 

I must have seemed pretty panicked because at one point I looked out the window and then looked at my guide and before I could even open my mouth he just said 'nope, we're only about half way up.' 

I watched both of the guys go and then started walking toward the door. Once we got up to it I closed my eyes. I wish I hadn't but at the same time I really don't think I could have made myself go if I saw what was happening. The falling almost felt like nothing.. I was so focused on doing exactly what he told me to that I barely remember that part of it. I know we did a few flips and rolls but before I knew it he was pulling the shoot and we were floating! The view was incredible and I was thinking about how cool it would be to do it somewhere even more beautiful like the beach or higher up in the mountains.

I am so glad that I went! I was scared and definitely out of my comfort zone but it felt to good once I had my feet back on the ground. It really got me thinking about how I should push myself to try new things more often. I'm still not into shark swimming but I have some thinking to do about my bucket list, that's for sure. 

What is on your bucket list? Have you done anything lately that has been terrifying but awesome? I want to hear all about it!

Happy Monday!

DIY FRIDAY : Blake Lively's PRESERVE inspired dress

10 July 2015

Happy Friday Everybody!
 Things definitely got a little crazy there for a while and it's hard to find the motivation to sew when you can barely make it to 9pm without falling asleep on any flat surface. It's summer though so I need to perk up! We're probably spending Saturday in Estes Park and then Sunday afternoon is Blake's first softball game with this fun new league that we found! So that means that Blake will play and I will sit in the stands, drink beer and talk watch! 

Anyway, THIS DRESS! Guys! I'm in love with it. I have been dreaming of making this dress since the day I saw Rachel Green wear it in the Barbados Episode of FRIENDS. I was finally motivated to go buy the fabric when I saw this dress from Blake Lively's new company Preserve.

The dress was a collaboration with Preserve and Amour Vert, a small company made up of a husband and wife design team. Their clothes are all beautiful and you can feel good about buying them. The couple has created a sustainable brand that uses a blend of wood pulp and organic cotton for all of it's clothing and they recently started a "buy a tee, plant a tree" program to replace the trees used in making their fabrics. You can learn more about them here, I think that what they're doing is inspiring and definitely worth a read!

I love the tie front top and skirt is so flowy that you just want to spin and spin! The goal was to be able to adjust the top by loosening or tightening the knot but I ran into a little bit of trouble because these A cups of mine didn't really fill it out despite the adjusting. Shame shame... so I sewed mine a little lower.

I hope you try to follow along with the tutorial, but if not you can click any of the links and find your way to the original :)

On with the show!

1.5 yards fabric for skirt
.75 yards contrasting fabric for top
20" invisible zipper in matching color
Matching thread
Sewing machine or serger

Step 1. Lay out the fabric for your skirt (folded on the crease) and find the middle point. Measure the radius distance in every direction from this point to form a perfect half circle. Next, determine how long you want the skirt, and repeat for the outer half circle. The formula is in the diagram above! Now cut a rectangle that about 2 inches wide and your waist measurement long. This will be your waistband. 
*For this dress you want it to sit just above your natural waist so be sure to take your original measurement from that point on your body*

Step 2. Cut your top pieces out of the contrasting fabric. Use a dress or close fitting tank top as a pattern for the back. Match the front pieces up with the tops of the shoulders and the underarms. Cut the fabric as shown in the photo above, making a v-neck shape and following it out into a rounded tip at the end. You want these pieces to be long enough to tie together  so extend it out about 4 inches. 

Step 3. Cut a space in your skirt for where your zipper will be installed. You will want to measure down to where the bottom of the zipper will go. At this point you can hem the skirt if you would like to. (It's gotta get done sometime.. definitely my least favorite part.) Next you will take the waist band piece and fold it in half. Iron this down and then open it up - fold it in again so that the outsides now meet the crease (so like a double hotdog if you remember elementary school as well as I do..) You can now sew your waistband onto your skirt. 

Step 4. Take your top pieces and sew the back piece to the two front pieces matching everything up starting at the shoulders. Once you have both front pieces sewn to the back you can hem everything. Start with the arm holes and make your way to the neckline and tie pieces. You will wait to tie it until later but it's nice to have all the annoying stuff out of the way early.

Step 5. Try the top on once everything is hemmed and tie it into place. Play with it a little to make sure you like how tight it fits. You will leave it tied when you attach the skirt to the top to ensure the correct placement. Flip the top inside out and slip it inside the skirt. You can pin the top into place making sure that the zipper space you cut matches up with the center of the back of the top. Now sew along the top of the waistband making sure that everything stays in line. 

Step 6. When you flip everything right side out again cut down the center of the back keeping in line with the skirt cut. Install your zipper and viola'! You're done!!

I hope that the photos helped you to understand! If the diagram or my directions weren't clear enough feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. I love how this dress turned out and I would wear it everyday and make it in a hundred colors if it was work appropriate ;)

 And if you don't want to make this one I have linked some similar styles below - Happy shopping!

First Chalkboard Post!

08 July 2015

Hey Guys! 
I hope everyone is having an awesome week. I have been feeling the need to hit the hay around 9:30 lately which has really cut into my productivity, however... my first chalk print is up in the Etsy shop! You can click on the link on the top of the page to get to the store!

I have loved this quote for a long time and I think its perfect for so many things! Stick it on a gallery wall, an end table, the nursery or your bar cart. Go crazy!

Hope you like it! Happy Wednesday!

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