Summer makeup routine

17 June 2015

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Summer. I love that we can spend so much time outside and go to the lake and that there is something fun planned every weekend. I hate that I'm covered in sweat while doing all the things I listed above. It's the time of year when everyone is taking pictures because there are so many concerts and bbq's and parties. Therefore, my sweaty head and runny makeup have been well documented in past years.
Well, this year I finally figured out how to prevent it! 
You guys are probably ten steps ahead of me in the beauty department, but in case you also suffer from summer sweat face (yuck) I'll share what I've learned and some of the new products I have been coveting. 

1. The Revlon foundation goes on really light and a little goes a long way. I feel like the key in summer is to have a less is more mentality with makeup. I just put a little of this on over my regular moisturizer. 

2. The Loreal concealer stick is the perfect color for my skin and goes on pretty thick. I just put a little swipe under my eyes and blend it with my foundation brush. 

3. NYX is the perfect way for me to try out products that I'm not sure I need for a good price. This liquid illumination is great for the places I want to highlight. I put a few dabs right along my t-zone and down my nose and then blend it in. 

4. I like this Sephora bronzer/blush because it has just the right amount of shimmer and color. I put a swipe of the pinker color along my cheek bones and then lightly dust the rest of my face with the two mixed together. You only need a little! 

5. I had never tried a setting powder before, which I'm guessing was my problem all along. This stuff is awesome! You can get this Sonia Kashuk one at Target and honestly I can't imagine needing a more expensive one. It's fairly cheap and a light dusting makes your whole face look perfectly matte and keeps it looking that way all day!

6. I have had my eye on this Urban Decay Naked 3 palette for a long time and am finally taking the plunge. These colors are perfect and light for summer and even though its a little pricey it will last forever.

Lip Color - This one is just for fun. I am loving that coral/orange color for summer! 

What are you summer beauty tricks? Does anyone else have this shiny summer face problem or am I alone here?

Happy Wednesday!

Interview with Blake on nothing in particular

15 June 2015

Hey everyone! I hope your Mondays weren't too bad. It was really nice and cool here today which was a nice change so I was able to get a lot done, including a DIY dress shoot that I'm really excited to share with you guys! 

Today's post is really just a fun little thing I decided to do with Blake. He's so wild and fun that I thought you guys might appreciate a bit of his antics. I got this idea from Katie Elizabeths blog and decided to do my own little version of it. You can tell he gets pretty tired toward the end.. haha.. he was a little distracted by Conan.

Enjoy this little glimpse of me trying to have a normal conversation... 

Me : Okay, are you ready for your interview?

Blake: No.

Me: First question, what would you rather be doing right now?

Blake: Are you going to give me options or just what would I rather be doing? Oh no, you're writing that?

Me: *silence*

Blake: Okay I would rather be playing frisbee on the beach in my underwear while the sun is setting. 

Me: I hope you know how weird that sounds. 

Blake : *shrugs*

Me: Okay question two, do you like being my photographer?

Blake: I love being your photographer because I get to capture the essence of your beauty *in a weird accent of course*

Me: *rolls eyes* Moving on - What is your favorite thing I've made for the blog so far?

Blake: Floral Romper because...

Me: Don't be weird, a lot of people will read this.

Blake: Why are you interviewing me if you don't want to hear my answers? I like the romper because it really shows off your creativity.

Me: Oh, thank you. What do you hope I make in the future?

Blake: *long pause*... I would like for you to make me a flannel onesie.

Me: I will see what I can do. Does anything about my crafting annoy you?

Blake: Yes.

Me: What?

Blake: I go to bed by myself half the time and that's not very newlyweddy, but I understand. 

Me: So not all the stuff I leave around all the time?

Blake: That's bad too, but I wasn't going to say it. 

Me: That was nice of you. Since sewing is my hobby, what are your hobbies?

Blake: My hobbies? ummmm.... my hobbies are any athletic activity. Lately I've enjoyed woodworking projects, like the corn hole boards, chalkboard and shelves. I also have liked fishing lately, and camping and hiking and touring around in Barbara Van.

Me: I wasn't expecting you to list so many things. 

Blake: I also enjoy listening to, and creating radical musical jams. 

Me: You're quite the Renaissance man. Should I create a playlist on the blog so everyone can listen to the rap album you made?

Blake: Absolutely not. It's for a specific audience. Mostly drunk people. 

Me: What do you and I like to do together?

Blake: You and I? We love to play with the puppies and cook together... do DIY projects for our house, traveling and going on new adventures and..

Me: Can I just say traveling?

Blake: NO

Me: Okay... continue.

Blake: We really enjoy just spending time together, it doesn't really matter what we're doing. 

Me: Awww - If you could jet off to any place in the world right now where would it be?

Blake: *puts blanket over his head and makes weird noises*............... the patio deck of our honeymoon suite in Telluride. That sounds pretty nice. 

Me: I agree - besides Greece - I really want to go to Greece. Where is your favorite place to shop?

Blake: *laughs* - the thrift store in Hawaii that I went to.

Me: What did you find there that was so great?

Blake: Just fantastic tropical button ups *A lot of weird and gestures and craziness* (I think he's getting tired.)

Me: Can you stop being so theatrical? It's hard to convey in text.

Blake: Next question!

Me: Okay, two more. What was your favorite part of our wedding weekend?

Blake: Number one moment was when we said our vows and said I do, but the whole weekend with everyone in one place was really cool.  

Me: Yay! Is there anything else you would like to add to the interview? Any fun facts you want people to know about you?

Blake: Something fun about me? I'm just really happy with life and really excited about the future.

Me: That was sweet but I was hoping for a fun anecdote or something.

Blake: I really like to dance and get the party started. 

Me: I think thats a Pink song...

Blake: She stole it from me. 

This really isn't too far off from an average conversation with him. Sometimes it's like  talking to a Kindergartener but he definitely always makes me laugh! I really wish I could post that rap album for you guys too! Blake and his friend made it one summer when they stayed up at school for the break. It was a hit at every house party for a while there.. it even made an appearance during a drive downtown recently. It's so funny to look back on stuff like that!

Blake really does help me out so much with all of this blog stuff and I don't know how I would pull it off without him! Thanks for letting me interview you <3 I hope you guys enjoyed reading what he has to say for a change :)

Have an awesome week!

DIY FRIDAY : Drop Waist Peplum Top

13 June 2015

Happy Weekend Everyone!

This weekend has been so fun so far! My office holds an annual corn hole tournament benefitting prostate cancer and it might be my favorite part of working there. We had a name contest this year and my partner and I won!! We were Kornye West and Kim Korndashian. I thought there would be no way that anyone would find it funny except for us but I was wrong! Now we get to design personalized corn hole boards. The  tricky part will be Blake and I agreeing on what we want on them. 
After the tournament we went to Taste of Fort Collins for the Andy Grammar concert and ended up at one of the bars we used to go to in college. Its been such a fun weekend besides my slight hangover this morning. *Note to self: you don't need to start beer chugging contests every time you go out.* One day I'll learn. 

Anyway,  lets get to it! This weeks DIY is a drop waist peplum top! I always think that they are so flattering and flirty. I love them! This top was a really easy and quick one to do. It took me about 3 hours one night after I got frustrated with a different project and found this white scrap material in the hall closet. Yes! Sometimes, hoarding stuff in random closets pays off. 

Full Tutorial 

1.5 yards of fabric
matching thread

Step 1. Cut your pieces using a loser fitting shirt as a pattern. Pin your front piece and back pieces together at the shoulders and sew. 

Step 2. Pin and sew the sides together. Do the same with the two back pieces. 

Step 3. Pin and sew the sleeve piece into a tube by the straight edge. Do this with both sleeves.

Step 4. Sew your sleeves into place by putting the sleeve tube through the arm hole and pinning into place. The center of  the survey should be in line with the top of the shoulder piece.

Step 5. Take your peplum piece and run a basting stitch along the entire length of the cut. Pull the stitch until the fabric has scrunched up to match the length of the top pieces. Sew the two ends of the peplum together to make a loop and pin it into place along the bottom of the top.

Step 6. Hem you sleeves and the bottom of the peplum. Fold in the neckline and sew to finish. 

You're done!! 

If you have any questions, I'd love to answer them!

Wedding Photos

10 June 2015

We got our photos back from our wedding photographer and I am going to share a few with you guys! If you follow my Instagram you already saw the little sneak peek but here are some more from the day. I love them all!

Here is a link to her Portfolio *Sara M at YellowPaddle Photography*

Is it just me or does almost everything look better in black and white?? 

Sorry for the photo dump but I couldn't choose! 

DIY BONUS : Tassel Bracelets

08 June 2015

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

This weekend was the first in a while that we truly had nothing to do, although it ended up being pretty busy. This post was supposed to go up last week, but Fajita Friday got in the way. We like to assign days of the week to food in our house - I can't explain it except that we enjoy alliteration. We spent the majority of the weekend getting our house back in order, hanging out with some friends and nursing a hangover (for once that last one wasn't me!). It was really nice to get back to the regular routine.

Anyway! Lets jump right in to this weeks bonus DIY!

I have been seeing tassel jewelry everywhere over the last few months and I really love the trend. I think it can really add a lot to an outfit. The only problem is that they tend to be kind of pricey. I figured they really couldn't be that hard to make so I gave it a try and I really love how they turned out! These are so simple and honestly really quick, so I made two different versions - one is more fun and one is more neutral and can be worn as a necklace.

I ran by JoAnn's on my way home from work and picked up some
embroidery thread and some beads and got to work! The tassels themselves are super simple to make. Just follow the steps below!

*Detailed Steps*

1. Wrap your embroidery thread around a small piece of cardboard. For the thicker black tassels I wrapped it about 20 times. When you're done slide the string off of the cardboard and attach your 'jump ring' (the little silver ring pictured in step 1) to the top of the loop. 

2. Tie a smaller piece of string around the top of the tassel, just under where the jump ring is attached. Tie it tightly and snip off the excess string. Now trim off the bottom of the tassel to the length you want it. 

3. I used stretchy string from the jewelry section of JoAnn's and just started stringing my beads in a pattern that I liked. Once I got about to the end I added my tassel and a few more beads and then tied the ends together and viola'!

It's so easy that listing out the steps almost seems silly. You can make these so many different ways and with so few materials! 

I hope you guys like  them and link any photos in the comments if you make your own!
I linked some below in case you'd rather just buy them :)

Honeymoon Roadtrip : Part 2

02 June 2015

After leaving Moab we headed back toward Colorado and I was very happy to start seeing the trees come back. Utah is so pretty but Colorado is hard to beat. I forget about how many beautiful places there are right here in our backyard. On that note - We found the place that we are moving to as soon as we  become millionaires and have nothing to do besides play with our dogs, snowboard and hike.


I love it there. 

It really could not be a cooler town. I didn't take nearly enough photos while we were there because I was just having too much fun. My love for this part of this trip may be stronger due to the fact that we stayed in a gorgeous hotel, with a private deck! 

We spent most of our time eating, drinking beer and dreaming of living there. Blake was ridiculous for most of the trip.. Be sure you watch the video! I think he was just in a really great mood, but man, that sweater tied around his neck was cracking me up all day. We took the gondola to the other side of the mountain and did a little shopping. The whole town is so dog friendly! I think it's a mountain town thing but no ones dogs were on leashes and almost everyone had one. I was in puppy heaven.

We drove past Ralph Lauren's property there and he is one lucky guy! He has the most amazing views. If only we could all be the owner of an incredibly successful clothing brand.

See what I mean about him being ridiculous?? I mean, this isn't too far out of the norm but the exit was a little flashier than usual. Nice moves!

Now for the not so fun part... we decided to stay an extra day so by the time we headed out on Saturday we were both pretty ready to get the 6 hour drive out of the way.
We got about 3 hours down before our back tire blew.. It sounded like a gunshot and I thought Teddi was going to fly out of her skin. I stomped around looking for service on the side of the road, while Blake figured out that our spare was flat. (Uhh.. why didn't we check on this before our trip???) I couldn't have been happier to see that very burly, sorta scary tow truck driver. He talked us into heading back a few miles to a town that he promised had a tire shop.

We pulled up excited to get this train back on the rails, when we discovered said tire shop was closed.
At this point I was ready to risk another flat and try to get to Denver on the spare that a stranger had so nicely aired up for us. We got back on the road and sat mostly in silence - I think we were both just waiting for that tire to fail us - but nothing. Things were looking up!


We only got about 20 miles before smoke started pouring out of the vents and filling up the cab. We pulled over and both flew out of the car. I mumbled a few choice words (sorry Barb) and I'm pretty sure I said we were selling the her as soon as we got home (sorry again Barb). The tow truck had literally parted ways with us no more that 20 minutes before hand so I immediately called and tried to get him back. We sat there on the side of the road for nearly 2 hours while I tried my best to hold back tears and the dogs wrapped their leashes around my legs over and over and over again.

Once the driver showed up he gave me the price per mile for the tow. It was going to be $500.
I think I saw Blake's eyes roll all the way back in his head when I said "sure, no problem" and tossed the dogs in the car. I was getting home and I didn't even really care if the van came with us.
. A day sitting on the side of the road is not a good day, especially when you think you'll be sitting back on your couch opening wedding presents by 6.

Barb is currently hanging out in Denver with a melted engine case and a few flat tires.

I would kind of like to say Adios to the van. It was nice knowing you sister, but you really let me down.
Blake on the other hand is forever optimistic and thinks its best to hang on to it.
We'll see.

We really had such a fun time throughout the trip and I'm really glad we went on this little adventure. The little hick ups make for good story telling material!

I'm a little sad its over but also so happy to be back home and back to regular life!

I love you Blake and I'm so glad I got to come home as Mrs. Menter!
You definitely keep things interesting ;)

Honeymoon Roadtrip : Part 1

01 June 2015

After waking up incredibly hungover the morning after our wedding (I know, I know... I shouldn't have drank that much) I could not think of anything I wanted to do less than get in the van and start driving to who knows where. It made me wish we were taking a day to sleep it off and then hopping a plane to Mexico.

 Blake on the other hand was too excited to acknowledge my subtle hints.. By subtle I mean - "Lets go home, we can go on our trip in a few weeks." 

I can't really complain because once we were packed up Huckleberry and I passed out in the front seat and I woke up in Glenwood Springs. I was less hungover and ready to eat! It was supposed to be a pit stop but our battery died - or something- so we were kinda stuck for the night. The original plan had  been to make it all the way to Moab, but it turned out to be one of the most fun stops.

It's so pretty there and the view made it easier to adjust to sharing 60 square feet with another person and 2 dogs. We found a fun little Cajun restaurant the first night. Fried shrimp and a beignet and I was ready to party again. 
The next morning we got up and went on a long walk along the Colorado River. We ran into a dog park and stopped but all the dogs cared about were our snacks. That night we went and swam at the hot springs for a few hours while it rained. That shower was the last one we would have for a few days so I really took my time before climbing back in the van.

I'm so glad we ditched the schedule and stayed there a few days! I couldn't get enough of those mountains.

The next morning we got up early and left for Moab. I had been really excited for this part of the trip because I remember it being so beautiful there. I had done a lot of research on the best dog friendly camping and hiking trails. When we got there though, it was muggy and hot and I may have nearly cried while eating frozen yogurt over the thought of another night in the tiny van. I tried really hard not to be a buzz kill, but I guess I'm just a girl who likes her space, and apparently doesn't handle temps over 80 degrees very well. 

I got it together after realizing how ridiculous I was being - I still can't explain my meltdown, maybe I was sleep deprived? 

Anyway, we ended up finding a camp site that definitely rivaled the view we had in Glenwood! We had about 5 acres to ourselves right on the river so we set up and started cooking dinner.
The next morning we did a hike called 'Negro Bills Canyon'. I really recommend it whether you have dogs or not! It's pretty populated but you walk quite a ways without running into anyone so it's nice. We let the dogs off to swim and run around in the water for a while and Teddi was loving it! At one point I tried to wrangle her when I heard people coming, and fell in the water with the backpack on. Oops.. I remember asking Blake for help right as I was slipping but he was already laughing too hard to be of any use.

The end of the hike was this beautiful natural bridge! It was the perfect spot to stop and take a break before heading back to the car and leaving for the next destination!

Sorry for the photo overload but there were so many to choose from. Blake is generally the photographer and he's he's getting pretty good :)

Check back tomorrow for the final leg of the trip as well as the dramatic (almost funny) ending.

P.S. Check out my instagram for a hilarious video of Blake dancing. I'll include the full video in the next post but it's pretty good.

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