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29 May 2015

Happy Friday Everybody! 
I'm back after a few weeks hiatus due to wedding craziness and honeymoon road-tripping to places with no internet. But now I can tell you all about it!

The wedding started out under water last week. I had been ignoring the forecast for nearly a month hoping that it would change, but no such luck. We got to the wedding venue in the mountains Friday afternoon to find it snowy and covered in mud. I had a mini meltdown after seeing the backup indoor location. It was so ugly. (I guess thats what I get for not checking on that sooner...) I got in the car after the wedding coordinator showed me the room and just started crying. I'm not the most organized and I haven't really been the best planner during this whole process, but I really just figured it would all work out. Thankfully it did, but not before I dropped my rehearsal dinner dress in the mud and cried a little harder. 

The day of was a little stressful. The hair lady didn't show up and I couldn't get in touch with some important people but all in all it turned out so perfectly. All of our best friends and family members were there and I couldn't imagine having a better group of people spend that day with us.

We cleaned up pretty well despite being left to our own devices and downing a few bottles of champagne!

I'll post so many more photos once we get them back.

(ps. something to look forward to... the photographer asked me if Blake was a professional model. haha I'm so excited to see those pictures.)

DIY Day - Floral Long Sleeve Romper

12 May 2015

There is a pretty fine line between Spring and Summer here in Colorado, and these 80 degree days are already making me want to leave the office at noon to go play outside. Thankfully with warm weather comes summer clothes! Yay!

I have had my eye on long sleeve rompers for a while now. I really wanted one last summer but couldn't pull the trigger on any of them. Earlier this year we went to a wedding in Mexico and the bride was wearing the cutest floral one a few nights before the wedding. After that I knew I had to try my hand at one when I got home.

Truthfully this is the hardest project I have done. It was trickier than I expected. If you aren't a very experienced seamstress I would come back to this one after a bit more practice! I wouldn't want anyone wasting fabric.
 I added links to a few rompers toward the bottom that I would loooove to add to my closet if you would rather go that route.

Step 1. Cut your pieces from your fabric based on your own measurements. I cut the shorts pieces higher so that they would sit higher on my hips when it was complete.

Step 2 & 3. Sew the crotch part of both the front and the back. The back piece should be longer to accommodate your butt :)

Step 4. Sew the sides of your shorts together and the rest of the crotch part. Now when you press everything you will have a full pair of shorts!

Step 5. Keeping them inside out, fold down the top inch and a half of your shorts over and stitch along the bottom of the fold. Leave a gap in between the start and finish of your stitch and thread your elastic through. The elastic should be cut to fit snugly around your waist where you want the shorts to sit. Sew the ends of your elastic together once they are through  and then stitch up the rest of the waistband. Cut the shorts from about three inches up from the bottom at an angle toward the middle of the shorts.

Step 6. Take your shorts accent pieces and run a basting stitch across the flat part of the piece. Pull gently so that they ruffle. Line up the basted edge with the raw edge you cut out of the shorts and sew them in place on both sides. For now your shorts are done!

Step 7. Take the back piece and the two front pieces and pin them in place. Right sides together. It was tricky to illustrate this part but stitch together the sides with the fronts pieces crossing the way you want them to when you wear the romper. Sew the shoulder pieces together. At this point I hemmed the edges of the wrap top and the neckline. After you finish that, pin your front pieces together along the bottom and sew.

Step 8. Sew together the top and the bottoms. I sewed along both the top and bottom of the waistband previously created on the shorts.

Step 9. Sleeves! Sew along the bottom of the sleeve to create your tube. Hem along the bottom and thread elastic through that to finish the sleeves.

Step 10. Insert your sleeves and sew into place!

You're finished! I hope that this works for you if you try it! I would recommend a stretchy fabric if you can find one. Something with some spandex in it. The stiff fabric made this project a little less forgiving than I would like. Good Luck!


Kaylie from Life as You Live It had this fun little list posted on her site and I thought I would take a page from her book and fill one out myself! These are such a fun way to get to know other bloggers and I would love to see yours if you did one too! Definitely go take a look at hers and scroll through for a peek at her fun life in Boston!

Here are my answers! 

four nicknames:
  1. Chicken - Only Blake calls me this. It's kind of everyone's nickname in the house. Term of endearment around here.
  2. Brit 
  3. BJ - I guess that's really all...
four jobs I've had:
  1. Landscaper
  2. Hostess - at a 50's diner - my name was Trixie!
  3. Rodeo Operator - I signed cowboys up for Rodeo's - perks to growing up in a small town. 
  4. Target cashier - strangely fun. You learn a lot about people. 
four movies i've watched more than once:
  1. Father of the Bride - my favorite favorite  
  2. Father of the Bride part 2 
  3. Dirty Dancing
  4. Airplane
four things in my purse:
  1. 90 chap sticks and lipsticks - I'm an addict  
  2. Nail polish 
  3. Sunnies
  4. A ton of jewelry that I've given up on half way through the day
four places I've lived: unfortunately this section is not as interesting as I'd like it to be- 
  1. - Peyton 
  2. - Fort Collins
  3. - Loveland 
  4. - Milliken
four favorite drinks:
  1. Hot water - I know this is weird, I just don't like cold water
  2. Tea! 
  3. Gin & Tonic 
  4. Beer
four of my favorite foods:
  1. - Taco's - filled with anything - especially shrimp
  2. - Waffles
  3. - Pizza - so much so that it's what I'm serving at my wedding 
  4. - Cake, Cake, Cake, Cookies, Fruit Tart, anything with sugar.
top four places i've traveled:
  1. - Upstate New York - so so so beautiful 
  2. - Europe - England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and France. I can't choose one. It was     too wonderful a trip.
  3. - Hawaii  
  4. - North Carolina
four favorite places to shop:
  1. - Target 
  2. - ASOS 
  3. - Tj Maxx
  4. - Gap
four places i'd like to travel:
  1. - Everywhere in the South 
  2. - Greece
  3. - Nepal
  4. - Italy 
four tv shows i'm currently watching:
  1. - Brain Games - I love it so much 
  2. - Fixer Upper 
  3. - Scandal 
  4. - Friends - always friends 
four things i'm looking forward to in the next year:
  1. - Taking a lot of fun road trips in our new van. 
  2. - Enjoying our first year as newlyweds!
  3. - Finishing so many sewing projects I have in the works.
  4. - Making our house feel like our dream home.

I would love to see your lists! Comment the link below!


I have been a little on edge the last few weeks. With the wedding getting so close I feel like I haven't had time for the things that normally make me feel relaxed - like sewing or drawing - instead my time has been taken up by name cards and rigging up chandeliers. They are crafty and you'd think I would really enjoy it, but it feels a lot different to me than crafting for fun. I have been so worried about everything coming together and everyone having fun. I wanted everything to be simple and easy but lately I have gotten really wrapped up in 'rustic wedding' pinterest land. The problem is that it's waaaayyy too late for that. 

I am a bit of a head case and unfortunately Blake takes the brunt of my frustration. In general he is far more relaxed and also far more organized than I am, so he doesn't get overwhelmed as easily - a quality that I envy. 

Last night I was furiously writing table numbers on the back on place cards when I had a meltdown worthy of a 5 year old. I know it's just a party, but man - I am stressed!  My crazy ear infection may have contributed to my tantrum but I won't let myself off the hook that easily..

Instead of continuing to work I ended up sitting on the floor in the kitchen staring at Blake and wishing the wedding was tomorrow so all the planning could just be over.

Then, Huckleberry, my little cuddle puppy came over and curled up on my lap with his head on my stomach and fell asleep. I was instantly so much more relaxed. I decided the place cards could wait until tomorrow and I would go lay in bed with my family and watch the monologue of Conan before passing out.

 My goal for the next two weeks is to calm down and trust that I've prepared enough for the wedding.. cross your fingers all goes well and I don't end up with stress induced acne! ;) 

And thank you baby Huckleberry for being so thoughtful with your cuddles!

Gifts for Mama

05 May 2015

Lately I've been loving the idea of putting together little gift bundles for people. It's so fun to get a basket full of goodies, and Mothers Day is the perfect excuse to make one! I got the most adorable "honeymoon survival kit" for my bridal shower and now I want to create these for everyone, for any occasion that fits.
My mom is always changing her look, she loves to do new things with her hair and like any woman - she loves new skin care products! So many stores have great deals going on right now for these cute little things and of course I always love a trip to Tj-Maxx and Target! 
So here are my best idea's - I know my mama and mother-in-law will love it!

What are you doing for your moms for Mothers day?


Weekending with the Westy

04 May 2015

This weekend we took our first trip in the van! She also officially got her name. 
Barbara Ann (or Barbara Van if you appreciate puns like I do!) This weekend we had some last minute decisions to make about our wedding venue and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to camp for the night. I'm really glad we went on a shorter trip before the honeymoon - we were able to figure out what we need to pack for next time. i.e. extra blankets. The dogs and I nearly froze. I was pretty sure Teddi was hypothermic on Sunday morning but after breakfast and a walk, she was good to go! 

We spent most of the morning checking out the little mountain towns and walking around. It's so peaceful and beautiful up there! It makes you want to sit on a bench by the water and never leave.
It got a little stormy a few times so we played scrabble and trivia pursuit while waiting it out. The van has turned out to be such a fun thing! I can't wait for all of our trips this summer.

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