Spring Shoe Roundup: Anthropologie Edition

21 April 2015

Who doesn't love Anthropologie? And who doesn't love shoes?

I love both! So much! I don't have a store close by which means I am left surfing the website. Seeing them all lined up next to each other just makes me want them all even more. I have always bought sandals and flats at stores like Target and Old Navy and unfortunately they just don't last more than a season... *Target I still love you*... I wish they did because the prices are unbeatable but now that I'm a real grown up... I think I should start buying things that will last a lot longer if I take care of them. 
That brings us to today's topic! These are all the sandals that I'm pretty sure I need to make this summer a success.. Due to the prices, I will only end up with one or two but a girl can dream.

My priorities are the gold teva's (perfect Westfalia adventure sandals) so technically a wedding expense! We did get the van for the honeymoon after all. I also need Birkenstocks. I feel like I am way behind on this one. so this year they are a must have! 

The rest are all so beautiful! If you are burdened by loads of disposable income, get all of them ;)

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome to the family

07 April 2015

This weekend we became the semi reluctant proud owners of a 1980 VW Westfalia! Blake has been searching for the perfect one for a long time. For a while I kind of hoped he wouldn't find one because to me it just looked like a really old, ugly van... I can't say that I've totally switched sides but I am warming up to her. 
Originally we were planning on going on a tropical honeymoon. Somewhere with beaches and unlimited alcohol - but now that we have this dreamboat - so we're going on a road trip! 
We are going to make some improvements to the inside. I would love to paint the outside also, but considering the cost it might not be worth it. Not now at least. 

For now the plan is to replace the old orange carpet with vinyl wood flooring and to reupholster all of the seating and window coverings to update it a bit. There is a sink, stove and refrigerator inside so I would love to think of some creative things to spruce those up. Blake wants to preserve the original stuff for the most part so it's a slight battle of wills - but come on - 35 year old fabric is gross. 
I will definitely keep you guys posted on her 'restoration'.

This summer will be full of so many fun adventures in our new lady! 

Happiest of Tuesdays!
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